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Announcing Crete ETV Pilgrimage, Sept 9-24, 2019

Dear Friends,

You are invited to consider joining a very special Pilgrimage to Crete in September 2019. A mythic thread is being woven into this journey—one that is asking to be re-awakened in our times. Through ceremony, ritual and practice at sacred sites, including a full moon and equinox on Crete, we will fill our holy Earth Treasure Vase vessel with prayers and offerings dedicated to restoring the power of the sacred feminine, balancing the masculine and feminine and awakening joy and beauty. The vase will be planted in Crete’s fertile soil to seed a new story for these times and connect into our global mandala of healing, protection and renewal for the Earth. The Earth Treasure Vase has been dedicated. The candles are lit. Prayers have been offered. Are you are called?

Crete is one of the last places on Earth where the goddess worshiping Neolithic culture thrived—where priestesses held spiritual power, and the masculine and feminine lived in balance and harmony. Minoan society revered fertility, the Great Earth Mother and qualities such as peace, joy, beauty, community, sharing and abundance for all. This extraordinary field is still palpable there—still alive in the palace ruins, land and art—and waiting to be revived in our modern times. We will access and integrate these latent qualities of the sacred feminine and make a potent offering to the Earth and all beings.

I am excited to lead this pilgrimage with my beloved friend, Brad Laughlin, the co-founder of CoreLight. Brad’s stewardship of two of the original ETVs—to South Africa and Egypt—brought great blessings to the global healing mandala. Our friends Eleni and Vasiliki Skrekou from the island of Aegina are stewarding this ETV locally, and hold great insights into the mythos calling to be reawakened—a thread we will weave between the sacred sites in Athens, Aegina and Crete over the full moon and Equinox. They are inspired carriers of Greek myth and culture who will open powerful gateways to the goddesses and gods in all the places we go and introduce us to their local friends and family. Our hearts have been touched by what is already unfolding through their vision for this pilgrimage. This journey will deepen our practice of sacred activism in a profound way. This ETV holds great promise. If this feels like your calling, please join us.

This is the first paying pilgrimage we have offered publically. It may seem pricey but simply covers the costs of visiting the places we are being called. We worked hard to plan this pilgrimage, keeping costs in mind and in the end we had to surrender to the larger calling of the intention of this vase to do it all. May the abundance of the Great Mother flow into all of our lives and bring the possibility of realizing our dreams for a new story of the times.

Early-bird discount until January 15, 2019.

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