Earth Treasure Vase: Global Healing Project
Linking our world in a practice of planetary protection & renewal.

Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada

ABOUT THE CANADA ETV, IN THE WORDS OF ELIZABETH CHRISTINE: At the end of May, I am returning to Ontario with the intention of burying the first Earth Treasure Vase of our lineage in Canadian soil – at the same time as the vase at Gabarnmung will also be buried. Upon receiving this vase, I […]

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Gabarnmung, Australia

June 16-17 New Moon at Gabarnmung: As mentioned, Cynthia will be traveling to Australia for the third time to participate in the burial of the first of the 2nd generation ETVs at the sacred site Gabarnmung at the invitation of Jawoyn elder (her “mumma”) Auntie Margaret Katherine. Few people beyond the archeologists studying the site have ever […]

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