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Australia ETV Finds Its Rightful Host and Home

Australia: Uluru and the Aboriginal Teachings of Kanyini

The Australia Earth Treasure Vase has found its rightful host and home! At the invitation of Uncle Bob Randall, custodial elder of Uluru (Ayers Rock), we will journey to the center of Australia and the sacred heart of the Aboriginal ancestral homeland in dedication to the Kanyini principle — caring for the land and all of life with unconditional love and responsibility.

Uncle Bob Randall was born around 1927 in the bush of the Central Desert region of the Northern Territory, and is a“Tjilpi” (special teaching uncle) of the Yankunytjatjara Nation. At seven, Bob was taken away from his mother and family under a government policy to forcibly remove all half-caste children from their families.

Uncle Bob Randall

In the early 1970s, Uncle Bob earned widespread recognition for his song, “My Brown Skin Baby, They Take ‘Im Away,” which focused national and international attention on the issues of the “Stolen Generation” and helped reverse a policy of genocide.

Listen to Uncle Bob’s song here.

Randall is a visionary, an educator, and a living bridge between cultures and nations, creating lines of understanding so that indigenous and non-indigenous people can heal the past and share a way of being that allows us once again, to live in oneness and harmony with each other and all things.

Watch Uncle Bob speaking here on the origins of life.

We are honored to have met Uncle Bob and his wife Barbara, and are deeply grateful for his invitation to bring an ETV to his land. The pilgrimage to Australia will continue from South Africa in May 2011, linking these two continents and ancient cultures. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at

Uncle Bob Randall, his wife Barbara, and Cynthia Jurs