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Inner Peace to World Peace

Can we really create peace in the world? Interviewing leading experts and scientific researchers, we learn how our inner peace is directly related to peace in the wider world. View the video here.


Tolu Gompa

This is the beginning of our Nepal Rebuilding Program appeal with more to come!

A Moving Visual Journey from the Many ETV Pilgrimages Over the Years

For Gaia Calling; Being a Holy Vessel for Global Healing and Collective Awakening, an 8-week virtual pilgrimage led by Cynthia Jurs and David Nicol, Cynthia prepared a slide show of images from the many Earth Treasure Vase pilgrimages over the years. This moving visual journey is accompanied by the music of Rajaju. The song is Nefertiti from the album The Golden Age.

Shift Network Interview with Cynthia Jurs

Earth Treasure Vase Meditation with Cynthia Jurs – One World in Dialogue

A Global Prayer with Cynthia Jurs

Cynthia Jurs Interview; Earth Treasure Vases

Respectful Revolution interviews Cynthia Jurs

Cynthia Jurs speaking on Spiritual Activism and Nuclear Guardianship for Nuke Free Now!

Christian Wolo Bethelson singing Shine Shine for Buddha at Plum Village

Gabarnmang ETV 2015

Peace Hut Alliance for Conflict Transformation

The Liberia PeaceBuilding Project

In Dreamtime

Neema Namadamu: Leader for a New Congo

Women Witness Congo

Women Witness Congo — French Version

Prayer by Pygmy woman in DR Congo

Spiritual Activism & Nuclear Guardianship Panel at the Nuke Free Now “Vision Without Fission” Conference

Unified Message of Solidarity to the Women of Congo

Intro Video

Practice History

South Africa

Liberia, West Africa

Life is Returning to Liberia

Arctic Alaska


Papua New Guinea

Oakland, CA


Lama Kunga making Earth Treasure Vases


Joanna Macy on the Earth Treasure Vase Project and the Nuclear Age