Earth Treasure Vase: Global Healing Project
Linking our world in a practice of planetary protection & renewal.

Our Progress

The Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project is dedicated to inspiring people around the world to the work of sacred activism, help give ancient wisdom a voice in the world, and strengthen our web of connection, healing, and stewardship for the Earth.

No matter where we go, what culture or tradition, there is a shared recognition that the Earth is suffering and healing is needed. The Earth Treasure Vases serve as ambassadors, ceremonially opening the way for everyone to offer their hopes and visions, prayers and intentions for the Earth into a humble clay vessel in whatever way is called for in that location.

We never presume to know what is needed in the places we go until we get there and are often surprised to witness what arises in response to our prayers. As a result of bringing Earth Treasure Vases to Africa, we now have an ongoing peacebuilding program in Liberia and helped to launch programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo to empower the leadership of women, plant trees and support a movement to give rights to nature.

Our commitment is to fulfill our promise to the lineage masters, ancestors, and future generations by filling, sealing and burying Earth Treasure Vases around the world and creating a light-filled global mandala, embracing the whole planet with our love and caring.

The original Earth Treasure Vases we received numbered thirty. These have been planted around the world and when we are done, another forty “second generation” Earth Treasure Vases will also have been stewarded into ecosystems, cultures and communities by members of our international Gaia Mandala Community– for a total of seventy Earth Treasure Vase locations making up our global healing mandala!

The prayers and offerings contained in these little holy vessels, carried by real people with dirty fingernails, are being planted like seeds in the lands we love. Our ongoing monthly full moon meditation waters those seeds that together we may build awaken the caring and compassion in our hearts that is each of our unique offering for the world. It is time for us to be a vessel ourselves and tell a new story of balance and harmony, respect and renewal for all life, all beings, everywhere.