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Equinox Return to Liberia

Peace Refuge To Be Inaugurated

In conjunction with the Equinox, Cynthia will be returning to Liberia on March 22 with sangha member Burke Denman to inaugurate the peace refuge/palaver hut, recently completed in the village where the Liberia Earth Treasure Vase was buried on the 2009 winter solstice. This is a powerful outcome of our prayers, initiated by the community there and supported by our sangha.

The Liberian government has established a Truth & Reconciliation Commission, which has formally advocated the building of palaver huts as places for individuals and communities to come together and address their needs for reconciliation in the aftermath of the civil war. This certainly seems proof that the vases have a life of their own, and it is gratifying to stand in witness and support as peace-building efforts around the Liberian Earth Treasure Vase align with movements in the greater collective.

Peace Refuge Center under construction in Talowoyan Village