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24th ETV Buried in South Africa

We recently returned from South Africa, where we buried the 24th Earth Treasure Vase at an ancient altar in the Blyde River Canyon. I believe I speak for all of the pilgrims on the journey when I say that there is much to integrate and hold in reverence and gratitude. I, for one, am brimming with new understandings, heart openings, the impulse to learn more, and wonder — pure wonder.

We learned that in the ancient African teachings it is said that we come from the stars and that the re-appearance of the magnificent white lions in Timbavati, whom we spent time with, herald a time of reconnection to our ancient roots. This region where we buried the vase together, on the Nilotic Meridian, is like a “River of Gold” that runs the length of the African continent from the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx all the way into South Africa and mirrors the “River of Stars” (the Milky Way) above.

The mysterious knowledge that created so many sacred sites and temples in Africa (and the world) truly seemed accessible the more we opened our hearts and minds to the unseen world of Spirit throughout our pilgrimage. We realized we are all from Mother Africa, and our ancestral memory was strongly activated through our meetings with the animals, the indigenous peoples, and the ancient sites we visited.

More soon…Look for a travelogue on the South Africa page, as well as news about the glimmers of healing, protection and renewal arising from our journey!