Earth Treasure Vase: Global Healing Project
Linking our world in a practice of planetary protection & renewal.

9.23 – 9.25 Coming Into Balance: A Retreat For Mindful Changemakers with Cynthia Jurs

In the company of our peacemaker friends from Liberia, “Uncle Jake” and Christian Bethelson, we will:

  • come into balance;
  • clarify our direction, release our obstacles, and step into living our vision;
  • empower the last 6 Earth Treasure Vases to complete our global mandala in the next year;
  • experience the power of ceremony to effect change;
  • deepen our understanding through meditation and ritual; and
  • cultivate the practices of mindfulness of the breath, sitting and walking meditation, looking deeply through council sharing, and noble silence. The Earth Treasure Vase practice and Invocation of the 21 Taras will also be included.


It is a 3-day retreat:

  • Friday, Sept 23 (Equinox) – Coming into Balance and Clarifying the Way
  • Saturday, Sept 24 – Ceremony at Cave of the Winds
  • Sunday, Sept 25 – Integration, Direction and Celebration

Participants must attend all 3 days ~ Please bring your own lunch.

9 – 5 Fri and Sat. Sunday ends with celebration dinner.

Your gift of “dana,” meaning “generosity” in Pali, in support of this event will be gratefully appreciated.

If you are called to participate, please contact Cynthia Jurs at 505-982-3846 or

Cynthia with Uncle Jake (L) and Christian Bethelson (R)

Cynthia Jurs received Dharmacharya transmission from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in 1994, and is also a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. She directs the Open Way Sangha where she practices meditation with others and leads retreats, classes and ceremonies on the Earth Treasure Vase practice, sacred activism, engaged Buddhism and peace-building.