Earth Treasure Vase: Global Healing Project
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Register Today for the Avebury Experience & the Burial of the 28th ETV, June 23 – 29, 2012

One of the final four Earth Treasure Vases is now bound for Avebury, England, June 23–29, through a collaboration between the ETV Global Healing Project and Wisdom University.

Register today!

In the company of leading thinkers and visionaries in their respective disciplines, “The Avebury Experience” will offer a rich exploration of geomancy; crop circles, subtle energies; and the role of sacred sites, holy places and pilgrimage destinations in the life of the Earth and the human soul.

Cynthia Jurs will guide the group in working with the Avebury Earth Treasure Vase, bringing hands-on experience and practice to our theoretical learning in order to turn our prayers into action…with outcomes to be revealed as the pilgrimage unfolds.

To learn more and register for the pilgrimage, please click here:

We welcome your participation in this unique opportunity to engage a process of sacred activism on behalf of the whole Earth in one of the world‘s great power spots at a time when our prayers are profoundly needed.