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Last Week of our Women Witness Congo Campaign at Indiegogo

A movement is in the making!

In April 2012, Alliance for the Earth (AE) journeyed to D. R. Congo to produce valuable video documentation of the current political, social and environmental landscape. We conducted citizen journalism trainings and documentary interviews, and collected visionary statements from women in partnership with local activists.

The women of Congo are beginning to mobilize at the grassroots level for a new Congo. Women Witness Congo for the World will support that fledgling movement and help catalyze a global response to the violence and environmental devastation currently occurring in the DRC through the creation and distribution of media that matters.

We believe story leads to action. This powerful digital storytelling project will bring the global community face-to-face with the women of Congo, their rising leadership and their compelling visions for change through four video documentaries of varying lengths.

We need $20,000 to produce these video pieces.

Our partner in this effort is World Pulse, an action-oriented media network powered by women from 185 countries. World Pulse is developing a large-scale action campaign to End Violence Against Women that includes a Congo focus. The video stories produced through Women Witness Congo will be essential to these efforts.

Women Witness Congo will clearly and powerfully tell the story about why Congo matters to us all, how each of us is intimately connected to the violence through our choices as consumers, and most importantly, how we can be empowered with knowledge to make a shift today and support a movement that is rising from the ground up among women.

Please join us. Share the campaign with your friends and community. Make a contribution today toward a revolution of great love. Thank you!