Earth Treasure Vase: Global Healing Project
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Final ETV Pilgrimage: Australia, June 12 – 25

Dear Friends,

After 23 years of practice and prayer, our final Earth Treasure Vase pilgrimage is finally coming to pass. This journey to Australia, June 12 -25, will mark the completion of the global mandala we have seeded all over the planet to bring healing and protection to the Earth. It will bring us full circle, back to the heart of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition where it all began.

We will begin in Sydney with 3 days of teachings from HH the Dalai Lama and a blessing for the Earth Treasure Vase and our group as we set out on the path. Then, as guests of Uncle Bob Randall, the custodial elder of Uluru, we will stay in close proximity to this incredible sacred place, walking daily and receiving teachings from this respected wisdom keeper and his family.

This is another full circle. Our connection to Uncle Bob has been the ground we have rested on since he first visited the Kiva at Open Way Sangha here in Santa Fe some years ago. As he held the vase and we prayed together, he invited us to bring it to his land.

After two previous attempts to take this ETV to Australia, we have finally found our right path to accomplish what is now our last ETV. I sense that the opportunity to learn about the “songlines” of this ancient land and the Aboriginal culture’s dreamtime teachings from him will shed new light on what we have been doing all these years!

As with all such pilgrimages, we never know exactly where the ETV will be buried until we get there. Many years ago, when this vase was first dedicated to Australia, it was intended for the north, to the area known as Kakadu. After years of much deep listening, it is here that we will take the vase on the Solstice and then several days later, on the full moon, to bury it at long last.

Bob Randall

Sharing this very special journey with spiritual friends, practicing together in these amazing places, deepening our capacity as sacred activists, and bringing this final vessel ‘home’ will be a great fulfillment.

If you have ever thought about joining one of these pilgrimages, now is the time. If you have come before and would like to again, this is it! If you are interested in learning the practice of the Earth Treasure Vases and having a direct experience of what it’s all about, this is your chance. And if your prayers for the Earth feel ripe and ready to be planted in the Australian soil — to radiate throughout the planet in a mandala of light linking all the ETV locations — this is the moment to join us as we dedicate our collective intentions for the benefit of all.

Click here for the pilgrimage description and itinerary.

Since the trip is right around the corner, your deposit is due by March 1st. You can either send a check payable to Alliance for the Earth, c/o PO Box 8031, Santa Fe, NM 87504 or make your deposit online and designate it for the Australia pilgrimage.

We can never predict what will arise from these little holy vessels, but great blessings and benefit always come. Please join us for an adventure of a lifetime and be part of the discovery. The path will lead to a new chapter of a whole a new story, yet to be written.

I hope you will decide to come along.



Australia ETV Awaiting Its Destiny