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Upcoming Santa Fe Events with Neema Namadamu!

Alliance for the Earth, the nonprofit that oversees the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project, also works closely with our Congolese sister, Neema Namadamu. Since burying an ETV in Congo just a little over a year ago, we have been amazed to witness her rapid rise as a truly inspired international leader and speaker, and are humbled to stand with her and the Hero Women of Congo.

If you are in New Mexico, you can hear Neema speak on Oct 10th at the Hotel Santa Fe; on Oct 20th at Journey Santa Fe; and Oct 21st at the Santa Fe Community College. For more info, call # 505-986-9232; or email

Listen to Neema’s inspiring conversation on KSFR radio’s Living on the Edge with David Bacon. To find the link: go to, then programs, then Living on the Edge, then you’ll see the podcast, click on the Interview with Neema and there you are!