Earth Treasure Vase: Global Healing Project
Linking our world in a practice of planetary protection & renewal.

Gaia Calling; A special invitation designed for our times

Dear Friends,

An opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation like never before is upon us. Gaia is calling us to understand our interconnectedness with each other in new ways, to reflect more deeply on our priorities and direction, and to align ourselves with the creative intelligence of life itself.

David Nicol, author of Subtle Activism; The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation, and I share a deep alignment in our sense of connection to the Earth and what we are hearing from Gaia when we listen deeply. We also enjoy a creative collaboration that is profoundly illuminating and nourishing. Many insights are arising and the field of our collective practice that feel particularly potent to share right now. We want to invite you to join us during this time of being homebound to make the most of the unique opportunity that we are in.

If you are hearing the call, this 7-week online retreat represents an opportunity to:

  • strengthen your connection with the Earth as teacher and guide and establish a sacred connection with your own special place in nature
  • orient yourself constructively to what’s unfolding on the planet and your unique role to play in this great turning
  • experience the stability and support of a global healing community made for these times
  • anchor your place as a node in a powerful global mandala of prayers

This remarkable global mandala is the result of the prayers and offerings of thousands of people all over the world into the 70 Earth Treasure Vases that will have been planted all around the living body of the Earth over the last 30 years. This global prayer field is a potent, stabilizing and reliable source of refuge that can help us through these times.

The retreat begins Wednesday, April 29, and will involve weekly 2-hour live zoom sessions with Cynthia Jurs and David Nicol from 12noon-2pm US Pacific for 7 weeks. We’ll have a private online discussion group to facilitate community building between our live sessions. All live sessions will be recorded.

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Early Bird Discount is available until midnight Pacific time on Friday, April 17th

We’d love to share this journey with you at this poignant and powerful time. With much love and many blessings for your safety and wellbeing,