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Full Moon Newsletter Archive

October 30, 2020 Full Moon Newsletter: Blue Moon Blessings

October 1, 2020 Full Moon Newsletter: Prayers & Practices for Our Times

September 1, 2020 Full Moon Newsletter: Honoring David Nicol

August 3, 2020 Full Moon Newsletter: Healing All Our Relations

July 5, 2020  Full Moon Newsletter: Recognizing Our Interdependence

June 5,2020 Full Moon Newsletter; HEAL US; ETV Dedication to Healing Racism

May 7, 2020 Full Moon Newsletter

April 7th 2020 Full Moon Newsletter: Heartfelt Offerings to Stay on the Path & Remember the View

March 8th 2020 Full Moon Newsletter: Prophesy & Pilgrimage

February 9th 2020 Full Moon Newsletter: Cultivating Our Love for Gaia

January 10th 2020 Full Moon Newsletter: For the Love of Gaia

December 11th 2019 Full Moon Newsletter: Offerings and Invitations

November 12th 2019 Full Moon Newsletter: Turning Prayers into Action

October 13th 2019 Full Moon Newsletter: Sacred Activism in Action; Preserving a Hidden Treasure

September 13th 2019 Full Moon Newsletter: Sending Love to our Broken, Burning World

August 15th 2019 Full Moon Newsletter: Entering Sacred Time…

July 16 2019 Full Moon Newsletter

June 17 2019 Full Moon Newsletter

May 18th 2019 Full Moon Newsletter

Mar 20th 2019 Earth Treasure Vase Newsletter

February 19th 2019 Full Moon Newsletter

January 20th 2019 Full Moon Newsletter

Announcing Crete ETV Pilgrimage, Sept 9-24, 2019

December 21st 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

November 23rd 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

October 23rd 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

September 24th 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

August 26th 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

July 27th 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

June 27th 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

April – May 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

March 30th Full Moon Newsletter

March 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

January 31st Full Blue Moon Super Blood Moon Eclipse

January 1st 2018 Full Moon Newsletter

December 2nd 2017 Full Moon Newsletter

November 3rd 2017 Full Moon Newsletter

October 5th 2017 Full Moon Newsletter

Standing Together in a New Light: Full Moon Sept 5, 2017 

August 7th Full Moon Newsletter

July 8th 2017 Full Moon Newsletter

June 8th 2017 Full Moon Newsletter

May 10th 2017 Full Moon Newsletter

April 10th 2017 Full Moon Newsletter

March 12th 2017 Full Moon Newsletter

Feb 10th 2017 Full Moon Newsletter

January 12th 2017 Full Moon Newsletter


Gratitude For Our Interbeing And Your Generosity

December 13, 2016 Full Moon Newsletter

October 15, 2016 Full Moon Newsletter

August 18, 2016 Full Moon Newsletter

June 21, 2016 Solstice Full Moon Newsletter 

March 23rd, 2016 Full Moon Call to Practice

January 24th, 2016 Full Moon Call to Practice

December 25th, 2015 Full Moon Call to Practice

October 26, 2015 Full Moon Newsletter

September 2015 Full Moon: Call to Practice

August 2015 Full Moon: Call to Practice

July 2015 Newsletter: A New Chapter Begins

May & June 2015 Newsletter: The Mandala has a Life of its Own!

April 2015 Newsletter: As Above, So Below: Spotlight on South Africa in the Mandala

March 2015 Newsletter: Taking Refuge in the Earth

February 2015 Newsletter: Generosity and Gratitude

With Your Help: What’s Next

An Alliance of Prayer and Action

The Clarion Call to Embody the Earth Treasure Vase and Become the Vessel…

Becoming the Vessel: Help Us Meet the Challenge!

December 2014 Newsletter: What Sustains Us

November 2014 Newsletter: Suffering, Grief and HOPE

October 2014 Newsletter: Ebola, the Call for Mindful Living, Next Generation ETV Begins Journey to Canada, New Story Summit at Findhorn

September 2014 Newsletter: Prayers for Liberia and Stories from Australia 

July 2014 Newsletter : A New Dreaming Begins…and a Flood Disaster in Liberia

June 2014 Newsletter: All Our Relations

May 2014 Wesak Newsletter

April 2014 Newsletter: The Light Is Upon Us

March 2014 Newsletter: Return to Our Mother’s Land

February 2014 Newsletter: Valentine’s Day Message~Love Letter to the Earth

January 2014 Newsletter: Full Moon Meditation The New Year Begins

December 2013 Newsletter: Full Moon Solstice

October 2013 Newsletter: Healing the Art of Congo and Our Mother Earth

September 2013 Newsletter: Equinox Peace Meditation

August 2013 Newsletter: At the Journey’s End — A New Beginning at the Campfire

July 2013 Newsletter: Blessed Completion and Cynthia’s Account of the Australia ETV Pilgrimage

June 2013 Newsletter: Update from Australia, New Documentary on Neema Namadamu, Rights of Nature Training in July

Global Solstice Meditation

May 2013 Newsletter: Australia Bound — The Final ETV Pilgrimage

April 2013 Newsletter: The Birth of the Guiding Council

Neema at Journey Santa Fe, April 21, 2013

March 2013 Newsletter: Looking Back & Giving Thanks — Cynthia’s Reflections on the Promise of the Final ETV

February 2013 Newsletter: Groundswell

The Final Earth Treasure Vase Pilgrimage: Australia, June 12-25, 2013

Rights of Nature Teleclass with Osprey Orielle Lake

January 2013 Newsletter: Momentum!

New Video Release: Women Witness Congo

December 2012 Newsletter: Solstice, the Earth Treasure Vase Shards and a Message of Solidarity from Leymah Gbowee

“A Body of Determined Spirits…”

The Maman Shujaa’s Petition at

At the Year’s End

November 2012 Newsletter: Conflict in Congo and Neema Namadamu’s Vision for Healing Her Country

October 2012 Newsletter: Becoming Holy Vessels

September 2012 Newsletter: Grace, Blessed Wayfarers and the Harvest 

August 2012 Blue Moon Newsletter: Listening Each Other Into Being, Neema’s Visit & the Final ETV Pilgrimage

Neema is Coming to New Mexico!

August 2012 Newsletter: Transforming LANL, Avebury & the Birth of the Women’s Visioning Council

A Letter from Neema Namadamu: An Update from the Women Witness Congo Campaign at Indiegogo

A Call to Heal Congo

July 2012 Newsletter: Dedication of the Ganta Peace Hut, Liberia 

Women Witness Congo at Indiegogo

June 2012 Newsletter: A Unified Message of Solidarity from the Women of Liberia to the Women of Congo

The Avebury Experience

May 2012 Newsletter: Return from Congo

April 2012 Newsletter: The Heart of the Mandala, the Heart of Africa

March 2012 Newsletter: Turning Toward the Congo

February 2012 Newsletter: The Last Four Vases and a Visit with Grandmother Margaret Behan

January 2012 Newsletter: And So It Begins

Create the New Story with Us!

The Sound of the Bell

December 2011 Newsletter: Hawaii ETV Burial on the Solstice at the House of the Sun

Support the Transformation!

November 2011 Newsletter: The Egyptian Earth Treasure Vase, 11-11-11, and Occupy Wall Street

An Evening on Sacred Activism with Cynthia Jurs

October 2011 Newsletter: Peace is Every Step

Benefit for Alliance for the Earth’s Global Healing Project

September 2011 Newsletter: Peace-in-the-Making with Our Visiting Liberian Friends

August 2011 Newsletter: Ubuntu, the Flowers of Our Efforts, and the 2nd Annual ETV Benefit

July 2011: “The quintessential revolution is that of the spirit.”

June 2011 Newsletter: Ancestral Homelands, the River of Stars, and the Accomplishment of the 24th Vase

May 2011 Newsletter: South Africa, Wesak and the Multiplication of Our Good Intentions

April 2011 Newsletter: The Sound of the Bell Echoes in Liberia

March 2011 Newsletter: Japan, South Africa, Australia and…Liberia!

February 2011 Newsletter: Sacred Travel, Songlines and Belonging

Are You Called to the Pilgrimage? 6 Things You Should Know

Film Premiere of “Vessels of the Holy: A Conversation with Joanna Macy” on Saturday, February 12

Registration Now Open for May 2011 Pilgrimages

January  2011 Newsletter: South Africa and The Moon Queen

December 2010 Newsletter: Solstice 2010

Making the Impossible Possible

November 2010 Newsletter: The Earth Treasure Vase Mandala is Sparkling!

October 2010 Newsletter: Mountains, Mandalas, Returns & Revolutionary Acts

September 2010 Newsletter

August 2010 Newsletter

Liberians in NM: Bowing with Gratitude

July 2010 Newsletter

Liberian Peacebuilders on KSFR (101.1 FM), Saturday, July 10 at 9 AM

June 2010 Newsletter 

June 2010 Full Moon Newsletter and Special Events

Inaugural Newsletter