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Dedication of Ganta Peace Hut, Nimba County, Liberia

The second of thirteen peace huts earmarked for construction in war-ravaged Liberia was dedicated in Ganta, northern Liberia, on June 8, 2012. Members of NGOs and the government of Liberia, as well as UN peacekeeping mission representatives working in the country, witnessed the program. It was a huge and colorful festivity. A cow was sacrificed and everyone went home with some as a way of unifying the community.

We offer our special thanks to our dear friends from the Frost Foundation for their generous and full-hearted support of AE’s Liberia Peacebuilding Project and our gratitude and respect to the tireless peacebuilding teams in Monrovia and Ganta.

The Howell family, our team, and members of the Ganta (formerly known as Gompa) city council.

The ceremonies began the afternoon before with key members of the community and the family who gave the land.

Cynthia Jurs about to cut the ribbon and open the gate to the Community Peace Hall.

Former child soldiers now perform in an excellent drumming, singing and dancing troupe

Performance by the "Ganta Expensive Women"

Main team members who made the Peace Hall happen: from the left, Morris Turay of the Center for Justice and Peace Studies, with Bethelson, Jake, Representative Honorable Jeremiah Koung, Ruth Saye and Chirrey Baimie (also of CJPS) and Pastor Inah Fisher who was the building's engineer.

This women from the Gbatu family surprised everyone by giving land to Representative Jeremiah Koung during the dedication in order to build a public hospital.

The beautiful hall was named after an elder who passed away last December and built on the land where his home once stood in the Gbatu Quarter.

Annie Nushen, center, and other members of WIPNET at the dedication.

Old Ma Koo Yeelehboe and her husband, Alfred, in front of their home next door to the Peace Hall. Old Ma Koo Yeelehboe committed to being the caretaker after devotedly served the construction every day by carrying water for mixing cement.

Morris, Chirrey, Jake, Phil Howell, Cynthia, Pastor Fisher, and Ruth. We did it!!

A ceremony the next day to empower Morris, Ruth and Chirrey to hold the light of peace in Ganta.

Phil Howell and Bethelson celebrating peaceful relations between Liberia and neighboring Guinea - and us all!