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Dreamtime Storytelling: Reflections on the Australia Earth Treasure Vase

Aug 30, 2013

The following are a collection of photos and messages from participants in the Australia ETV Pilgrimage, along with a number of beautiful comments and heartfelt prayers to the ETV from allies from around the world who followed this journey from afar or participated in the global meditation on the solstice. Enjoy!   Letters from Australia’s […]

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October 2012 Liberia Peacebuilding Update

Oct 24, 2012

The Construction of Peace Hut #3, Bong County, Central Liberia October 2012 By W. G. Jacobs, Project Coordinator Members of Women in Peacebuilding Network at the dedication of the Ganta Peace Hut The Liberia Peacebuilding Project is hoping to begin construction of its third peace hut in Bong County, central Liberia, in collaboration with the […]

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Dedication of Ganta Peace Hut, Nimba County, Liberia

Jun 25, 2012

The second of thirteen peace huts earmarked for construction in war-ravaged Liberia was dedicated in Ganta, northern Liberia, on June 8, 2012. Members of NGOs and the government of Liberia, as well as UN peacekeeping mission representatives working in the country, witnessed the program. It was a huge and colorful festivity. A cow was sacrificed […]

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Watering Seeds of Peace: The Earth Treasure Vase Project Returns to Liberia

Oct 21, 2011

Through the generous support of the Frost Foundation, the ETV Project journeyed to Liberia in March 2011 to tend seeds first planted when we buried an Earth Treasure Vase in Voinjama, Lofa County, on the 2009 winter solstice. Joyfully, we returned to participate in the community dedication of a Peace Hut constructed at the site […]

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The Liberia Peacebuilding Project

Feb 17, 2011

“We will create a space where the truth is sacred, and renew our peacebuilding efforts to heal fractured communities. I am prepared to be the first to appear before it, to say what I have already said, to challenge untruths, to say what I have done and what I have not done and to demonstrate […]

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Excerpt from “Stories of Belonging,” edited by Kelly Wendorf, with Uncle Bob Randall

Feb 11, 2011

In Stories of Belonging, edited by Kelly Wendorf, Tjilpi Bob Randall writes: “To understand belonging, you have to understand the system of connection that has supported my people for over sixty thousand years. Belonging to all things was and is our way of life. As an Aboriginal person, you belong to much more than just […]

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Sungi Appeal for Flood Relief in Pakistan

Aug 20, 2010

Sungi Appeal for Donations 05Aug2010

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Mali, on the way to Liberia

Apr 29, 2010

Pilgrimage to Mali Story by Cynthia Jurs I arrive in Mali and am greeted by Abdoulaye Diallo, dressed in a long green cloak with a sparkle in his eyes, and instantly know I am in consummate hands. A well-traveled antiquities dealer from Mopti, he has agreed to be our guide to Dogon Country. He is […]

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