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Dreamtime Storytelling: Reflections on the Australia Earth Treasure Vase

The following are a collection of photos and messages from participants in the Australia ETV Pilgrimage, along with a number of beautiful comments and heartfelt prayers to the ETV from allies from around the world who followed this journey from afar or participated in the global meditation on the solstice. Enjoy!


Letters from Australias Ben “Manbulloo” Emery to Cynthia Jurs

Ben Emery was among the pilgrims who collectively stewarded the final Earth Treasure Vase to its home on the June 2013 full moon. The members of the group were given skin names by Jawyon elder, Margaret Katherine. Ben and pilgrimage leader Jeremy Ball were identified as Cynthias newfound brothers (Bungari) and Margaret as their Garang or Mumma. 

Ben writes that the best translation for his name, “Manbulloo,” is “the messenger, which is all about his role/job “to bring words from mob to mob, black and white.” Here, the messenger shares his insights about the Earth Treasure Vase and the Dreaming to his sister, Bungann Cynthia.

 Ben Manbullo, right, with Jeremy Ball

July 10, 2013

“Maybe I may explain a little about things here. My bloodlines, which I pay respect to now, stem from the Mannaroo (Black Duck Mob) which is a small area on the south coast of New South Wales, which is of the bigger Mob, the Yuin people. I have spent many years with this mob, learning the ways, walking the bush, hearing the stories, sitting in ceremony and going through my initiation ceremonies.

So I come from a long line of people who are freshwater and saltwater people where, like many areas, have been forced to lose, hide or dismiss their heritage and background. For example, my father experienced how in parts of Australia as late as 1955 it was still national law to “shoot trespassers on site.” So this often meant many of our people met terrible ends. This saddens my heart so much as it was not that long ago….It is no wonder now that these wonderful aboriginal people are so closed and frightened to open their culture to the Gubbah (white fellas)!!

So much unrest and distress is so close to the current issue of land rights and Native Title in Australia, so for our group to not only be allowed onto Traditional Land, but to be welcomed and taken onto it with such loving arms by Mumma Margaret, a Traditional Owner, is truly something even I am blessed and honored to be a part of…

To give you an idea, our mob on the south coast has some native land which is also accessible only through a locked gate, and I, as a initiated man, am only to walk or travel parts of this land when I have either an older uncle, auntie or elder of the mob with me. When my uncle has taken me and tested me and is happy that I have learnt my place and can be considered a custodian – that is when I can walk there on my own or take others there. Even then there are still many places I am not allowed to go like some ceremonial areas, (burial grounds etc) because I am not Full Blood, which I respect and understand…

See, the land is truly alive and all we are is so connected to this that everything we do or say and even feel has an impact. So my learning with my uncle is a journey to purify my soul and heart, to be one with all and to truly listen to my ancestors who all live and breathe through the land. This is the true meaning of respect! It is what I am whole-heartedly committed and connected to, and am honored to be learning.

I believe in my heart Mumma Margaret truly understood the importance of this journey and her and her spirits, ancestors not only allowed, but invited the vase to be placed in this most special place…..Your vision Bungann, spirit and heart, I believe is what Mumma felt so strong and held in her heart….us men fella Bungari’s  just did what we were told and kept you safe, and made it work to do what you came to do…..

Image courtesy Eva Iken

So to be taken by Mumma into her sacred canyon/gorge, where her sacred sites are (birthing sites, bora rings (ancient ceremonial sites), and burial sites) was something so, so special to me and a true gift which most would never have……

And when I was down wind, sitting by the fire with Mumma, keepin her safe from them “cheeky buffalos”, whilst you mob was up the hill placing the vase, she shared a tear with me and said…

“This place was a place she would only tell David (her husband) and her sons and kin about, that she would always stop on the way through this place and ‘say hello,’ bless and protect the vase for all her time and make sure her boys would too.”

Then I asked her, “Is this something that would become a dreaming story?” and her reply was, “That’s good my son, you understand and are walking true to your mob.”…Then, “Where’s my cuppa tea?” and “Can I have a biccy too?” We laughed and laughed…

So, this is how dreaming stories are made. We tell the stories by the firelight to our young ones, they depict and explain why things are…and I believe this one will live through words and fire for all time to come. Mumma will be already telling of how a group of wonderful people came out to this place, did some special ceremonies and camped and enjoyed her country, and I promise you that when the young ones go to Jawoyn country they will hear the story of this…”

The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) has just begun to show a TV documentary in four parts called First Footprints. The star of the first episode is Aunty Margaret. It is a remarkable and beautifully produced piece featuring Aunty Margaret at the temple caves with international archeologists, which can be viewed here

There is a short video compilation of the timelapse photography that was filmed for the documentary that can be accessed here.

Also, there is this two minute clip of Aunty Margaret that expresses the beauty of her being.

Image courtesy Magi Whisson

July 30, 2013

Hey, Bungann,

I spoke to my Mob a little of our adventures and that I met my older sister who comes from America, and how we all enjoyed our time together. From there the old ones just sat in silence and listened to the fire crackle, and when a cool breeze blew through the camp, they began to speak…..

I will share some of their responses with you, what my old aunty Helen, (boss of our mob) said, how she spoke to me round the fire after dinner, and when I went off to my swag I wrote down her words…..

She spoke as she did and now I’ve come to understand that these old ones just know what we do, know where we have been and are always talking with the spirits. So many times I have been amazed and simply speechless. The dirt and trees honestly always carry messages, and we only just have to tune in and listen. So these are her words, no grammar, no spellin, just how it sounds….

“So boy, this lady, She one of us? (Black fella). If she’s white, then she should have a look, ‘cause she got our blood in her!”

“She speaks like she walked this country times before. Your old Mumma up there (Margaret) said you fellas were Bungari, (brothers and sister). She knows a lot that old sis of mine who looks after you when you travel up into that scary Painted Face country! Back in them old days I can see me and her sitting and laughin as you and your Bungari (Jeremy) used to run round and annoy your older Bungann (Cynthia), pullin her hair, throwin sticks at her. But then one day she said, “Stop it you young fellas,” wrestled you both to the ground and said, “Right! Us three need to look after each other!” We all said, “Yep,” and all ran off together to have a swim in the billabong.

“So now boy, you make sure you respect this older sis of yours, understand you have much to learn from her, and she can learn that she can always feel safe, now she met her young brothers again. Them spirits are dancing again, and they will always come looking for you fellas, and will always make sure you doing the right thing…

“So, make sure you two boys meet her husband and respect him too, and he knows that he and your Bungann have got some other family now. Blood is blood, boy, you know that. So live and respect these new ones, teach them our ways, and learn them fellas ways. And your Bungann can teach you them ways of the old ones in her place.

“Now, she gave you two buggas something real important to her, (the four new ETVs) and to her spirit, your older bro will need to look after this for a little while as you are too busy with your new woman!! (Laugh and laugh)….But when he says its time you need to listen to him….. and when it needs to come to me, you my boy, will tell me and we will start to prepare. You know where it needs to travel to, and you know who needs to be here.

Our country has been waitin for you to come back home, back to your place, back to where you belong….and I look forward to showin your sis my women’s place!”

So there it is. It was a wonderful time with her and my old fellas, so blessed to have this and I send you this with love and blessings from us mob.


Red road to Uluru

Image courtesy Magi Whisson

Kanyini Prayer by Uncle Bob Randall 

Delivered on the Solstice of June 2013 during a globally synchronized meditation call to activate the ETV 

Image courtesy Anthony Carlson

For the Earth Treasure Vase and the people who love themselves, love each other, love Mother Earth and Mother Sun, and love all of nature. On behalf of all of us of Indigenous Ancestry.

From the First Peoples of Australia to all the Great Creators of Nature, who have always loved us without condition throughout all of our natural life and beyond, I offer this prayer:

To Mother Earth…

I acknowledge with love and appreciation the key of unconditional love you provide for all living things.

May we be led to understand this.

May your ways of unconditional love for all life, be our ways, that we live each moment of our life.

To Mother Sun...

I acknowledge the light you share,

Giving us the light of love, peace, and understanding…honoring each and every one of us throughout the world.

May we understand your light is life that relates us to each other as family, so we can be led to love each other and all living, as family.

May we develop ways like you, loving without judgment that we can live love without conditions.

May we learn from you to shine our light from within in service to each other, all living throughout the world, to the best of our ability.

To all of Nature…

I acknowledge and honor the life you give.

The air we breathe that gives us life.

The water we drink that gives us life.

The creatures we kill that give us life.

The plants we take from Earth that give us life.

To every living thing I may not have mentioned, that gives us life…

I acknowledge you with appreciation and love.

To all Peoples of the World…

I acknowledge and honor each and every one of you.

May we each be responsible for the well-being of each other and all living in the ways we think, speak and act toward each other, each moment of our lives.

May we communicate with love.

May our interactions have qualities of love, compassion, patience, humility, kindness, generosity and caring.

That we may come to know and understand each other.

May we BE love… and peace… respecting the beliefs of each other.

That we may live with love and peace always.

With love, I offer this prayer. In the name of all that is Sacred and Holy. So let it be.


Image courtesy Julian Silburn

Reflections on the Journey

By Magi Whisson

We entered deep into the heart of this ancient land, bringing with us the prayers and blessings from the hearts and souls of so many, all held in this little clay vessel, the holy grail of our time. It was received and placed in a cave. The dreaming of this earth treasure vase pilgrimage began with that great one Charok Rinpoche, aged 106 years from his cave in Nepal. Twenty three years later, this final vase was now received and sacredly placed in another cave, within this ancient land of Australia. We brought it on behalf of humanity. We had the privilege of singing it into sacred place and to witness the receiving of it by ancestral, spirit, creator beings and with their guardianship and ancient knowing the completion has become a world beginning.

For me the journey was profoundly touching. Layer by layer, we were welcomed and given entrance by the indigenous elders and by those great beings that are ‘country.’ As we all honoured each other and all kingdoms of nature, sacred relationship was built. This in turn gave permission for further and deeper openings to be created.

Magi Whisson and Eva Iken

Image courtesy Nina Utne

The jewel in the heart in this regard was the welcome to country given to us by both Uncle Bob and Barbara (Uluru), and Aunty Margaret (Katherine).

The welcome is based on the understanding that if you are not of that particular place/country then the trees do not know you, the animals do not know you, the land does not know you, the people do not know you, so you must be welcomed by those who are from that country and once you have been welcomed then this is your land. You are family forever.

These indigenous people who have known and still know death, abuse and terra nullius, welcomed us to country in a way that still breaks open my heart and graces me in such a way that touches me and warms me with tears.

I was born in Australia and have lived here for 63 years but this was the first time I have been so profoundly met by the heart and spirit of this land. I have been welcomed to ‘country’ and have now become a part of  it. I now have such a deep and abiding experience of belonging.

This is the power of the ETV to create belonging for all people, with all peoples, across this planet.  

Uncle Bob and Barbara and Aunty Margaret are so one with the Law. They live within the principle of non-separation in spite of the depths of injustice they still have to manage. With this welcome and gift of entrance, the great work of this ETV, with its interconnectedness with the other 29 vases, was initiated, placed and blessed in many folded ways.

Full moon and fire at ETV burial

Image courtesy Eva Iken

The profound effects that will follow may be held in mystery at this time, yet all of us had a sense, an experience of awe, a place of knowingness that great things will arise.

I travel with the memory of the beauty of the land after we left the final ritual. It was spellbinding. The slender white trunks of the gum trees in the dark of night were so energetically alive, so outreaching. Our auras were so wide and leaping — we were meeting in a new space, embracing in sacred delight. The cathedral cliff face was sparkling with little fire lamps lit by the blazoning bush below that was afire. And all was held by the wondrous full moon. We all had a sense of being one in a great work. As the fire burned throughout the night and the didgeridoo solemnized the land, we and the land were singing together and the song was sung across all lands.

Here was the beginning, the beginning, the beginning.

Magi Whisson

Vessels of the Heart

by Anthony Carlson

Filmmaker Anthony Carlson, above, documented the journey for a film to come. Here is the trailer he created for an Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness of the project.


And here is In Dreamtime by Anthony.



The Pilgrims Speak

Image courtesy Anthony Carlson


So beautifully orchestrated…and fun besides. Many, many layers of land, life, people and landscape of the heart. When I was in Australia, I was aware of being as present as I could be each and every moment. This experience is something I will carry with me…in my veins…in reflection…quiet…beauty…adventure. It was a true honor to be by your side, dear Cynthia. — Lynn Augstein

Aunty Margaret and Lynn


Thank you, Cynthia, for the vision you have held and for the trust and patience and incredible stick-at-it-ivity you have shown over the last 23 years! Thank you for allowing us to ride upon the magic carpet of your blessings and join with the Spirit of the Earth in Service. Your baby will rest well in Margaret’s virgin soil and the blessings will sing out into the world. I am sure the blessing has been felt and received and great things will come from your work.

Thank you too for the honour of being the custodian of these 4 beautiful little babies. (Jeremy was given 4 small Earth Treasure Vases by Cynthia.) I will look after them like my own and place them with great care and reverence. I will start the practice in August and see what the Mother has in store for me and them. My feeling now is to place them in the four corners of Australia, The Kimberley (NW), Cape York (NE), Porongorups (SW), Batesman’s Bay Ben’s Ancestral land (SE), forming a basic lattice interlocking with the “Mother” vase near Katherine and creating a grid for Australia, which subsequent vases can “slot in.” I would like to place them on each of the Solstices and Equinoxes of 2014, but let’s see.

Margaret, Earth Mother, I love you. Thank you for welcoming us into your heart and into your land, which in truth are inseparable. Thank you for the love and trust and kinship and connection you have blessed us all with. I hope to do my Mother proud. — Jeremy Ball, Chief Transformer at Transformational Tours

Aunty Margaret and Jeremy Ball


Traditional ownership of land is not outrightly granted to Aboriginal people in Australia, they have to prove continuous habitation, which is obviously a bit of a pricey archaelogical process, and if their ownership of land is not recognised, then it is easier for mining companies to have access to the land.

And so maybe as more land is recognised as a place of belonging for people through archaelogical findings, and as we learn more about the deep nature of that belonging through people like Margaret, maybe something can shift in the way we all relate to country and it can flow on to government and corporations. Big dream to meditate on there!!

Thank you for leading us into this unfolding journey, Cynthia. It is an unutterably immense honor to walk with you, to walk with you all. —  Therese Ngarritjan Hogan

Therese Hogan by Anthony Carlson


The little vase has a power, personality, and presence that I don’t know quite how to describe. The Vase came everywhere with us. I walked around Uluru with it, looking pregnant as it hung around my neck, zipped in under my jacket. At the end of the trip, we traveled way up a gorge to Auntie Margaret’s ancestral land. When I first got out of the car, my whole body started vibrating. I think perhaps you can get a sense of some of the magic looking at the pictures —like the rainbows in the light and the spirits of the land dancing in the light and shadow, spiraling and radiating out.

I have been acclimating slowly — I really feel changed by the journey and it is taking me some time to integrate and find a new way of being. — Nina Utne

Nina Utne and Cynthia Jurs


As you know words can’t really describe how beautiful and sacred the experience truly was. I feel that a part of my spirit is still up in the land there. I felt that Margaret opened a doorway for us all that is such a rare and sacred gift. To be introduced to the spirit of the land, to her ancestors and welcomed in such a heartfelt and generous way is just phenomenal! I am still coming to terms with how incredibly fortunate we all were to be there holding ceremony on sacred land with a beautiful elder holding space for it all.Julian Silburn

Prayers for the Australia Earth Treasure Vase

A web of light around our biosphere connecting many hearts and prayers through each vase is not only a beautiful image but an inspired message. Thank you Cynthia for taking the journey – each step of the way – and most importantly for completing the promise. Thank you, the last “little vase,” for closing the circle. — Gaie Alling aboard the research vessel, Mir, in Sri Lanka


May the power of love, silence, and truthfulness invested in this vase radiate out to the entire continent of Australia to bless her and her people. May this vase activate the global grid of the Earth Treasure Vase project for the benefit of all Earth beings. May Peace Prevail on Earth.  — David Nicol in California


You, little vase, are part of an amazing journey of many other vases over the last many years.  May you thrive in your new home. — Linda Osborne


Inner peace, communal love, global harmony. One earth, one sky, one humankind. — Afzar in Indonesia


To bring to balance masculine and feminine energies on earth. To have women as leaders in the world. To bring peace on the earth. To remove the barriers between countries. To have respect and love for human race. To remove all the trauma/wounds from our energy bodies–to heal us. To raise consciousness on earth. To bless our teachers. To overcome our fears/separation/doubts. To help us see who we are. To help women – to help women- to help women. To bring unity consciousness on earth. — Mina


In this most ancient sacred spot, from our deepest center, we place these prayers for great beloved Earth and her beings. In the spirit of Big Bill Neidje, voice of the Kakadu, we sing praises for the Great Dance and all the dancers. — Joanna Macy


Responses to the Solstice Global Meditation for the ETV

The spiritual light & energies on the global call today were beyond words! When Uncle Bob spoke, that took everything to a whole new level. 


I am deeply touched and grateful for all what you, Cynthia, and all who surrounding you are doing for Mother Earth and all her beings. I felt today being part of this grid of light+love + healing. Thank you for this wonderful meditation of oneness!!! 


Agape Love and Peace to All from where ever you are on this planet and beyond this planet. Heal this planet and heal all here and there. We spread this love of the earth to all on this planet. May all feel the love for all people everywhere. No matter color,creed, or faith. 


Feeling the opportunity given to us all to awaken together in this living mandala of radiant blessings. You know…the clay vase is one of symbols that appeared in many versions of Buddha awakening and today I shudder with a sense of our growing awareness that we may indeed discover our interrelatedness and interdependence that will surely create the conditions for an embrace of all life that can bring an end of suffering…indeed women, children are violent in correspondence to our disconnect with the Earth….I see a turning in our great relationship to the EARTH and Buddha’s Earth Mudra as a Witness.


Talking with my Goddess Gaia and I said to her For no particular reason at all, I love you for all reasons in particular I love you For one reason in particular I love you. And my goddess Gaia said to me My Love walks with My love. My Love Lives in the circle of My love My Love is My Love.


We can hear you in the Congo!!! I send my support and forgiveness from my heart to forgive all these people who kill others. 


Blessings to you and everyone connected with this incredible project, and for following Thich Nhat Hanh in, as he says: “Living Peace into Being.” 


Thank you for the arms across the world. Love to all. 


From an Island off the North East Coast of Vancouver Island….so grateful….seeing our hearts in “new electrical wiring” as a holograph of Gaia/the Planetary Entity Heart. So it is. Blessings to all. 


Feeling the strong pulse of Love that blesses every cell of every organ of every body on, in and around the planet. Thank you so deeply. 


I am in a home very near the Lawrence Laboratory at UC Berkeley and I imagined that the scientists there began to dedicate their work to the good of all beings. And in my heart, a vase of gratitude, light and love, flowing out to the entire grid. Peace to All.


I am radiating waves of LOVE. Thank you. I see the Treasure Vases filled with the Light of Love in the Heart of Earth. The density evaporates and humanity receives with Gratitude our Destiny of Greatness as ONE Breath, ONE Heart. We NOW picture Our Love to color all that is. 


Overriding peace and connection around the world…so beautiful.


There came a time during the meditation I experienced a burning sensation throughout my body for a time.


Have been increasingly aware, through participation in the ETV meditations over the years, of the sacred Life mandala being re-ignited within the Heart of Earth & the Heart of humanity. Through Love for all Life, a Culture of Peace emerges for future generations.


I have been looking forward to this day when we can honor this divine commitment Cynthia has held for 20 years and be a part of this healing of our sacred earth and all life upon this planet. 


Big heartfelt blessings and celebration today! I am appreciating more and more deeply the treasures that you have been carrying and placing in the Earth. Their beauty surpasses my words. So this is just a short note to say LOVE to you and the Earth and the totality of Life. May you be in ever-abiding joy, knowing that your mission has been brilliantly realized. 


I just got off the conference call and wanted to say how beautiful that was! It’s been a crazy spring for me so maybe all the more poignant now. So great to have a guided group meditation of timeless wisdom, hope and connected spirit all enabled by our modern technology. My thoughts are with you as you all carry the final vase to its new home in Australian desert. I’ll tune in again on the full moon. 


I was on the call with you this morning, and it was so wonderful to hear your voice, hear again about the vases, hear Uncle Bob’s prayer. I am honored to have been a small part of this magical journey and to know you. 


What a wonderful event from start to finish. Your recorded talk was beautiful and called forth the flow of tears, your live communication took me deeper, and hearing Uncle Bob’s prayer opened a whole new chamber in my heart. Thank you, thank all. May the next days leading to the Full Moon and the installation be filled with joy and light. We look forward so much to hearing about the culmination of this long, sacred journey.


Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you. My whole being is still humming, sensing the moment nearing when all the ETVs are settled in place like crystalline facets so the completed mandala can ring throughout the earth. 


In all my years of holding sacred space for subtle activism events, large and small, today felt like the most significant experience for which I’ve held space…and the most significant experience of holding space. That’s really all I can put into words. I am humbled and honored to have been part of it. 

Image courtesy Eva Iken

All images by Cynthia Jurs unless otherwise indicated.