Earth Treasure Vase: Global Healing Project
Linking our world in a practice of planetary protection & renewal.


I honor the work of the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project as one of many spiritually informed and deeply imagined responses to the dangers that we have created for Earth, the challenges we’ve created for ourselves.

— Joanna Macy, eco-philosopher, author, activist

Buddhist practitioner Cynthia Jurs is bringing Earth Treasure Vases to places around the world that need to be healed and remembered, in an act of extraordinary dedication and beauty. Her practice has gone on for many years, and is a rare ritual practice that is an offering of feminine energy in our imperiled world.

— Joan Halifax Roshi, Zen teacher, author,
founder of Upaya Zen Center

The Earth Treasure Vases are a spiritual practice that truly invites peace into the broken, wounded areas of our troubled planet. The practice demands that us humans to also become vessels for healing, that we too may have the capacity to ease the suffering where it is most extreme without be infected by it.

— Deena Metzger, author, teacher, healer and medicine woman

Cynthia Jurs’ long journey with the Earth Treasure Vases given to her by lamas in Nepal, is a heartening story about one person’s life-long dedication to master the timeless practice of a Tibetan Buddhist ritual for the purpose of healing the biosphere. Her story is similar to that of other elders who have dedicated their life to a larger purpose and who have sat in prayer to help heal the Earth and bring peace to social crisis.

— Abigail Alling, marine conservation specialist, eco-educator and President, Biosphere Foundation

The first time I went to an Earth Treasure Vase ceremony with Cynthia Jurs I was moved to return again and again to the monthly full moon meditation and for 20 years have watched Cynthia gather people to participate in this ritual. The Earth Treasure Vase Ceremony is an attempt at direct dialogue with the living Earth. Dialoguing with the Earth like the shamans of old, is a powerful way to show our participation with our precious habitat. A small gesture like filling and burying an Earth Treasure Vase can convey our intentions to the heart and soul of Gaia. Please join me and the many others who have been touched by this practice in giving our prayers and intentions to this ongoing ritual, stewarded by Cynthia Jurs.

— Joanna Harcourt Smith, writer, producer and interviewer at

The Earth Treasure Vases are prayers for the healing of the Earth. It is my experience that when a vase is buried, the intentions of each person who has put a sacred offering or breathed their prayers into a vase, seeps out into the Earth, maturing and spreading the vibrations of goodwill and love through the years to come. We are so blessed to have this vehicle offered with dedication by Cynthia Jurs and the lamas who made these holy vessels.

— Vijali Hamilton, founder of the World Wheel Project; Global Peace and Healing Through the Arts

Cynthia deceptively makes a very powerful healing to my frayed nervous system look light and breezy. She is a kind, clear, generous teacher for whom beauty and meaningful ritual seem to come naturally.

— Betsy Holdsworth, Santa Fe, NM