Earth Treasure Vase: Global Healing Project
Linking our world in a practice of planetary protection & renewal.

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Buddhist Monks in cave above Los Alamos

This location is considered to be the center of the entire Earth Treasure Vase global healing mandala. There is a cave above Los Alamos National Laboratory, the birthplace of the atomic bomb, where one of the first vases was buried with the help of the Gyumed monks.

When Cynthia first asked the 106-year-old lama Charok Rinpoche about what to do to bring healing and protection to the earth, her concern was motivated by the presence of Los Alamos National Laboratory and the ongoing production of nuclear weapons, as well as the radioactive waste that is poisoning the earth.

“…The Health of Our Peoples, Cannot be Separated From the Health of Our Environment…” –Faith Gemmill- Gwich’in Nation Alaska


Generations ago came a wave of trauma

Crashing on Turtle Island antiquity

In tides of occupied violence

Finely cultivated from endlessly burning

Their feminine spirit at the stake

Rolling across oceans with shackles of intention

That would bind creation

Into following a path polluted with pain



Architects of invasion created racialized boundaries

Of power and militarization

No longer could we cross the line

Step freely on ancestral land

Over to the embrace of our elders and language

Denying people their diverse identities

Disrupting the balance of acceptance

Forced enrollment into our own culture


Internalized, colonized behaviors co-created

Matriarchal societies and young girls mutilated

Forced celebration of oppressors and imposed brutal history

Denial of duality that enabled deadly manifest destiny

Laid the foundation for planetary domination

And for that gun to shoot into her womb generationally


Like white coats with biological weapons

Bombarding bacteria into our seed sisters

Rendering them sterile, unable to pass on their memories

Coerced situations that twisted her self-worth

 Manipulated the weapon to her own head

Poisoned her land and added explosions to her landscape

Offered her up to multiple addictions and tragedy

That blocks life from her star with mountains of grief


Stories of resilience and survival

Flow through our remembrance as we search

For springs of wellness within our homes

Opportunity that reflects our cultural strengths

Poor, struggling families

Polarized into focusing only on jobs

Destructive industries that split them away from their first relationship

Their first environment of woman

Furthering agendas of disconnection, decimation

Continued dislocation to land, air, and forever


Testimony from grandmothers releases our tears

Speaking what was silenced decreases our fears

Earthen embrace of forested wisdom

Asks for our collective grief

To untangle our relatives from their mistakes and tribulations

Energy cleared for the 7th generation of healers

We are battling for the reclamation of memory

 An end to cycles of damage that begins

With violence towards our Mother

And ends with violence towards her daughters


Relationships need to align once again

As we remember our shared purpose

Fulfill our roles of connection

As wisdom and knowledge keepers

Seed savers and life givers

Keepers of the way things were and could be

In balance with reciprocity and shared abundance


Take up the morality of our shared truths

 Fight the oppression that cages her dreams of peace

And keeps her children from hope

Take your fist from her bloodied body

And let her heal, let her breathe again

Replenish sparkling waters

So that the world can give birth to global prosperity

For eternity, in cosmic unity


Never again denied existence

Never again threatened by violent persistence

Cycles of clouds that dance with her children

Two-spirits entwined and alive with perfection

Restored alliances, not competing with brethren

Equally thriving, surviving, securing self-determination


Let us hold the way open with linked arms of awareness

 For the spiral of illuminated moment is approaching

To guide us on the path to gentle rains

Compassion and peace erasing generations of pain

Indigenous women uprising on rainbows

Singing songs of color and braiding our strengths

Vibrations of a blue world finally at liberty

To hold her children close in joyful reunion

Unconditional absolution, sacred revolution

 Forming new ways of being alive with all our relations

Remembering what it is, to be a spiritual, human being

Protecting her, from ever being hurt again.


-Beata Tsosie-Peña c. 2012 (All Rights Reserved)-

Beata’s Bio:
Beata Tsosie-Pena is of mixed ancestry from Santa Clara Pueblo, and El Rito, NM. She has degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She is a Green For All Fellow, is certified in Infant Massage and Permaculture Design, and is also a poet and musician. She is currently serving on three community boards, and is busy as a mother and wife, while homeschooling her kids along with her husband, Luis. For the last four years she has worked with the local non-profit, Tewa Women United, in their Environmental Health and Justice Program. She facilities a bi-monthly community focus group who works to address local environmental issues, with a focus on nuclear weapons contamination. This work is balanced within the group by the creation and participation in community gardens, seed saving and collaborative “artivism”.