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Margibi County, Liberia

Celebrating in Liberia – Our 2nd ETV and 4th Peace Hut is Accomplished!
Story and Pictures by Harper M. Karmon

Margibi Peace Hut Dedication Ceremony

The Liberian Peace Hut is a round shaped structure set aside as a traditional place where people meet in the local areas of the Country. In the past, the Peace Huts provided a place for communities to find redress to many problems. Nowadays, the Peace Huts, which are managed by local women community leaders, are used as a place for prayers and especially for mediation, which is the best method for solving and transforming conflict in the communities without involving the court and police. Therefore, many people have embraced the function of the Peace Hut because they believe in the capacity of the women for interventions inside the Peace Huts.

In 2009 in Voinjama city, Lofa County, Liberia, the first ETV ceremony, was held with participation from people coming from three countries of the West African region (Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia). As a result of this ceremony, these countries have had un-interrupted peace for more than ten years. We believe this is because of the prayers and offerings placed in that vase which radiated to a many parts of the Earth.

Since then, there have been three Peace Huts constructed and dedicated in Liberia, functioning to mitigate conflict in their respective communities. The Margibi Peace Hut is our 4th. The site was selected because of the amount of atrocities committed in that area against the rights of women and children where many women and children have died – all because of the absence of such a structure and respect for the women.

Christian Bethelson opens the ceremony and Madame Esther J Clarcke offers the final prayers into the ETV

The Peace Hut in Margibi was recently completed and dedicated on October 13, 2018.  At the close of the dedication ceremony, the women and men gathered in the Peace Hut in a circle of oneness for the Earth Treasure Vase ceremony. Leading the ceremony, Christian Wolo Bethelson gave a brief history of the ETV and offered his prayers for the improvement of the lives of the women and people of Margibi. All of the women who participated in this ceremony, offered prayers and offerings into the vase. Key among their prayers were the issue of peace in the community, health care, education for their children and empowerment for the women in this community. Some of the offerings placed in the vase were pieces of cassava, cassava leaves, rice and fire coal because these are the items mostly produced in that area. This ceremony could not be completed that day but before closing the session, a general prayer was given by the head of the rural women, Madam Esther J. Clarke, for the intention of the women to be realized throughout the Country and other parts of the world.

Prayers from Esther J Clarcke (the head of rural women of Margibi County), Mrs. Martha Sayklon and one of many other women present for the ceremony.

Photo: Christian Bethelson beside the ETV planted beneath the “Lion” Kola Tree

The ceremony to bury the ETV was then accomplished on the 30th of October. The women were in a jubilant mode when the team arrived for this ceremony at the Peace Hut. They sang traditional songs and danced in and around the hut. The process continued with words of appreciation from the women in leadership, singing and dancing in an expression of how grateful they are for all that has been done for them.

When the ETV was ready, the women marched with the vase in a hand made wooden box made by a local carpenter in Margibi. It was buried beside a “Lion” kola-nut tree in front of the Peace Hut indicating that the prayers of these women will be as powerful as a lion and peacefully welcoming as a kola nut. Gospel songs were sung since the majority of this community are Christian, along with traditional songs that express the joy of the heart.

This ceremony and the presence of the ETV is very important to the work of the Peace Hut Alliance for Conflict Transformation (PHACT) because it is believed that the powerful prayers of these local “Sheroes and Heroes” will help to calm the minds of our traumatized, struggling society and bring peace to the hearts of many. It was very significant to have a second vase placed in Liberia now because of the early warnings we are having as a result of the break down in the economy causing much suffering for the people. Presently, it is difficult for ordinary Liberians to even find food for their families. School fees have increased, safe water and electricity are unaffordable for ordinary people, and the price of gasoline has significantly increased affecting transportation and the cost of all goods sold in the country. Liberia is struggling in so many ways but with our mindfulness trainings, the women are keeping calm and not allowing themselves to get involved in any form of violence because this will never bring a lasting solution but only increases and prolongs the problems. Our work and that of the ETV are bringing awareness and alternatives for a brighter future for the women and their children.

Women marching with the Vase to the burial outside the Margibi Peace Hut