Earth Treasure Vase: Global Healing Project
Linking our world in a practice of planetary protection & renewal.

Tritium Lab, Berkeley CA

“Vessels of the Holy”

The work of mentor and advisor to the Earth Treasure Vase global healing project, Joanna Macy, has been a profound inspiration to Cynthia from the beginning. Joanna buried a vessel in the grounds of the University of California at Berkeley where there is a laboratory working with Tritium, one of the most volatile radioactive substances on the planet. The University of California at Berkeley works closely with Los Alamos National Laboratory in the production of nuclear weapons.

Joanna’s work around nuclear guardianship was a primary motivation for Cynthia in asking her question, “How can we bring healing and protection to the Earth?”,¬†which resulted in her being given the practice of the Earth Treasure Vases.

Please take the time to watch this beautiful video interview with Joanna, “Vessels of the Holy” and hear her story about burying the vase and the importance of the practice of nuclear¬†guardianship for all of us.